Colour Schemes: Whites & Florals

I know, florals for summer, groundbreaking. But there are so many floral prints out there, there's always going to be something to fit into your scheme. Whether you're after that cosy, country home feel, or something a bit more modern...

This image (centre) from Ideal Home shows how to easily incorporate florals with some statement curtains but still keeping a more traditional feel. If you're after a similar look, how about this beautiful Sommardrom,(4)  meaning 'summer dream', fabric? It's lively pattern is full of colour, pick a couple out to match accessories to:
All available from Northlight Homestore

For a country-cottage feel stick to smaller prints and pastel colours. This Floral fabric (2) from Klippan is perfect for this. The pattern is inspired by Scandinavian folklore, but the limited colour palette brings it into the 21st century. Similarly this Botanik (7) fabric has a small print with overlapping motifs, but the bright colours make it more modern and are great for bringing a bit of brightness and fun into a room with cushions or curtains.

Brilliant whites can often look too stiff and stark against a floral pattern, use an off white colour fabric such as Overby White (1) or Klotz Natural (5), to soften the look and make those sofas look even more inviting to curl up in and watch tv. 

If you're looking to create a bold, more modern look stick to larger prints. The Baronessa (6) print from Mairo is full of big overblown roses in almost fluorescent colours to really make a statement. It comes in green, blue or orange and makes for the perfect showstopper, whether you use it for cushions, a blind or to re-upholster a piece of furniture. For a more vintage look, how about these round cushions?

Another fun print is Avkarell (3). Modern, large watercolour blooms with sketchy images over-layed on top, kept more traditional with shades of violet and rose. Great for a scattering of cushions across furniture as the large print will make each cushion look different but there will be continuity throughout the room. Again just pick a couple of your favourite tones to match accessories to and it will tie the room together. 

How about just adding accents of floral with small accessories such as candles or art prints? Even pretty aprons hanging up in a kitchen can add something to a room;

2. Vase Study No 3 - £37.60
3. La Fleur Apron - £10.00



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