Colour Trend: Turmeric/Mustard

Turmeric, mustard, curry, golden yellow, there are various names for this tone of sunshine that has been creeping into our lives lately. It even appeared in Pantone's colour report for Autumn 2017 under the name of; 'Lemon Curry' and 'Golden Olive'. Whatever you want to call it we think it might be here to stay, so here's our favourite picks from our selection of fabrics. We particularly love it when paired with a deep turquoise or teal, as in image 1, or perhaps a Wedgewood colour as seen in image 6 what do you think?


1. Vega Saffron Lambswool Throw from Northlight - £69.00
2. Slanbar Blue Fabric - £39.00 per meter
3. Havstulpan Yellow - £34.99 per meter
4. Line Mustard - £24.95 per meter
5. Tillsammans Gold - £34.99 per meter
6. Pincushion Wedgewood - £49.99 per meter
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