Fresh Colours for Autumn

Fresh Colours for Autumn

At this time of year it is in our nature to start reflecting on our homes and start nesting down for the winter. As Autumn arrives, so does a wealth of inspiration as green leaves burst into a spread of vibrant hues of orange, yellow and red. We've picked out some of our favourite fabrics to reflect these warm, earthy, inviting colours and matched them with the seasons must have home accessory, a blanket. Perfect for throwing over the back of the sofa, as an extra layer on the bed, or updating a cosy armchair perfect for curling up in, these Klippan blankets are available from Northlight Homestore.

How about highlighting those rusty oranges with a lighter shade of blue? The fresh tones in this Gazelle print really elevate the traditional autumn colours into something more contemporary. The small print means you can pick out colours to use in your smaller accessories, just like this Leaf Lead Grey Klippan blanket, which will tie the scheme together. 

Why not do as the Scandinavians do and change your curtains and cushion covers to suit the season? Trees are the talking point at Autumn as their brightly coloured changing leaves line the roads and beautiful auburn leaves blanket the floor. It's a motif you can't escape so why not make the most of it and use it in your home. Promenaden Red  is a wonderful depiction of autumnal trees with their speckled falling leaves and Haga Turquoise has the perfect array of autumnal colours, with bright specs of pink and blue which will carry you into spring as well. Whereas Jazz Pink/Orange uses the seasonal shades in their funky geometric design.

Pantone's Autumn 2017 colour report contains the expected mix of yellows, reds and browns, but there's a few unexpected shades in there, including Blue-Bell. We love the idea of mixing the typical rich seasonal colours with this pretty light blue. They've been blended perfectly in this Gazelle print and Jazz Blue/Brown from Kinnamark, and to bring it into the room how about this Klippan Samba lambswool blanket in lead grey. If you want a more traditional touch add to your home, why not use this Cirkellblomma Brown with muted nude shades against this Luxury Off White throw from Elvang for a more minimal nod to the season. 


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