Love Triangles

With January finally over and Valentines day a few weeks away I think it might be safe to say it's the month of love, and lately we've been having a little love affair with the humble triangle. 

This versatile geometric shape is what we all need to add a little fresh injection into our homes. Go big with a large print fabric such as Nemo from Spira, shown here in blue, or Brazil Green from Skinny laMInx. Sticking to one colour makes the large print seem less intrusive. Alternatively go with a small print to add into your existing scheme, this Jaffa Natural fabric from Spira, shown here as a cushion cover, is perfect for adding a little lift. 

But if you're not looking to do a big interiors overhaul something as simple as a new blanket, or a new mug to drink your morning coffee out of can be enough to refresh our surroundings, and our minds, to get going on the month ahead. Also it's payday, so why not treat yourself?

1. Skades Langtan Purple - £24.00 per metre
2. Nemo Blue - £34.50 per metre
3. Brazil Green Fronds - £49.99 per metre
4. Stripes Never Wear Out Brown Saucer & Triangles Walk Cup  - Both £14.50 from Northlight Homestore
5. Jazz Red - £24.99 per metre
6. Jaffa Natural - £34.99 per metre
7. Shape Blanket - £112.00 from Northlight Homestore
Like any of these? Please let us know!
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Chambray Blue

Chambray Blue

Who doesn't love a little bit of blue?Whatever shade you choose it can have a really calming effect on any room, but if you're not going for a full redecoration, then how about just adding a touch of blue with a cushion cover, curtain or table runner?
Chambray Blue is particularly hard to resist, a warm sky hue which feels particularly perfect for this time of year when all we really want to do is be at the beach all day! Stop it being too nautical with accents of a darker tone of blue, natural green and off whites. Then sit back and relax!
Clockwise from top left:
Blomma Blue Cotton - Spira
Alma Blue Linen/Cotton - Klippan
Cotton Fouta - House of RYM (available on Northlight Homestore)
Morning Dew Cotton - Klippan 
Maya Light Blue Linen - Himla
Fagelsang Blue Cotton - Almedahls


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Spring Greens

Spring Greens


Freshen up your interior with our pick of fabrics inspired by natural patterns and flourishing foliage.
1. Leksand White - Klippan
2. Fraken Green - Klippan
3. Blomma Light Green - Mairo
4. Botanik Green - Spira
5. Blomma Yellow - Spira
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Tropical Greenery

Tropical Greenery

Ever since Pantone announced Greenery as their colour of the year we've been loving leafy prints and patterns.

Above; Kinnamark Tahiti Green 

However we thought the trend could do with a little lift for the summer...

So even though the weather at the moment is not quite what we had in mind for this time of year, bring some warmth and brightness into your home with our pick of fabrics. We've combined fresh greens with coral pinks and canary yellows to give Greenery a tropical twist.

All fabrics pictured are listed below and available through our online shop. 

Mairo Palma Green 

Mairo Palma Nougat Cushion 

Spira Botanik Green 

Klippan Cherry Rain Dawn 

Spira Juline Coral (made into cushion cover) 

Skinny laMinx Flower Field Goldenrod 

Featuring Fired Earth Paint Collection

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