Love Triangles

With January finally over and Valentines day a few weeks away I think it might be safe to say it's the month of love, and lately we've been having a little love affair with the humble triangle. 

This versatile geometric shape is what we all need to add a little fresh injection into our homes. Go big with a large print fabric such as Nemo from Spira, shown here in blue, or Brazil Green from Skinny laMInx. Sticking to one colour makes the large print seem less intrusive. Alternatively go with a small print to add into your existing scheme, this Jaffa Natural fabric from Spira, shown here as a cushion cover, is perfect for adding a little lift. 

But if you're not looking to do a big interiors overhaul something as simple as a new blanket, or a new mug to drink your morning coffee out of can be enough to refresh our surroundings, and our minds, to get going on the month ahead. Also it's payday, so why not treat yourself?

1. Skades Langtan Purple - £24.00 per metre
2. Nemo Blue - £34.50 per metre
3. Brazil Green Fronds - £49.99 per metre
4. Stripes Never Wear Out Brown Saucer & Triangles Walk Cup  - Both £14.50 from Northlight Homestore
5. Jazz Red - £24.99 per metre
6. Jaffa Natural - £34.99 per metre
7. Shape Blanket - £112.00 from Northlight Homestore
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