Design insight: Linda Sjunnesson

Tell us a little about where you're from and what you do.

I'm from the south of Sweden and grew up in a small town by the sea wanting to become an art teacher, until I realised there was such a profession as a textile designer! Since then I've been hooked on textile printing and weaving, studying textile design at the Textile University of Borås and KDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. I started my design company during school so I could design during the summers and just sort of kept going. I started Fabrikat ( with a colleague in Stockholm who was an interior designer, and we had some fun and interesting years before I decided to move home and we went our separate ways (although we still enjoy working together). 

Where do you look for design inspiration?

I've always looked to flora and fauna for inspiration. It's my endless fascination. I like to be out in nature - hiking, diving, exploring - seeing nature big and small and then transforming it into a soft, organic graphic.

How do you think your style is influenced by Swedish culture and design?

It's the old Swedish textile techniques - embroidery, knitting, weaving - that have always influenced me. It's a language I understand and feel comfortable to see and use.

What other crafty skills do you have up your sleeve?

Photography is a big interest of mine, I just love taking pictures. Otherwise, I enjoy knitting intensely for a month and then I change my mind, start to crochet and so it goes on. My house is full of ongoing projects!

Describe your design process. How do you create the patterns for your fabric?

I need a story, a place or a person before I make anything. I think (and think and think), make notes and then write down a story. After that, I look at pictures of flowers, make loads of sketches and then put them all together. When it's there, I clean it up and remove everything that I believe isn't necessary to the design, paint it, and then from there, scan it into the computer.