Design insight: Lisa Bengtsson

How did you come to start your own business design?

I've been interested in design and creative work since I was little. After graduating I worked for a daily newspaper for three years, then I decided to go to Italy, where I spent several months as a pupil to an artist while studying the Italian language. When I came back to Sweden I was invited to work as an art director at an advertising agency, and then two years later I decided to study graphic design at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. 

After graduating from Berghs I decided to start my own business with my own designs. I work mainly with pattern designs, but also with graphic design and illustrations. What I dreamed of as a child is now my job. In my profession I communicate through image, colour, shape, pattern and typography to send a message or feeling to other people. The day I realised that I could do this through my own designs, I knew I wanted to be a designer.

What are your biggest influences?

Tales, stories and the interesting characters, situations and relationships within. People who touch my heart in different ways always find a place in my work - it can be family and friends, but also someone who I've only met through a photograph. Everyday life is very inspiring. I tend to get inspired by those things that other people never notice or things that have been forgotten or lost, or maybe only exist in my fantasies.

How would you sum up your design style?

Personal, unique, colourful and with a twist!

How does your work compare to traditional Swedish design?

I don't think that my work is that influenced by Sweden or Scandinavia. I'd say my designs tend to be very un-Swedish, in fact! Swedish design is 'less is more', and I want to do the opposite and create 'more is more' designs.