Manimals Green Oilcloth Remnant 220x138cm

Size: 220cm length x 138cm width

CTC – Oilcloth

CTC (Clean Table Cloth) treatment is a water based acrylic coating which is applied to the fabric. It does not contain PVC and is therefore more eco-friendly. It provides a water-repellant finish on the fabric.

Because CTC does not contain any PVC, it is suitable for use under high chairs for children.

More stubborn stains such as curry and red wine should be wiped off immediately.

Fabric Width: 140cm

Designer: Susanne Schjerning

Material: 100% Acrylic Coated Cotton

Brand: Susanne Schjerning

Woodland animals, flowers and leaves make this oilcloth a perfect solution
for kitchen and garden tables. A non-slip backing ensures it stays in place. Wipe off stains
with a wet cloth and also washable at 30° C. However do not spin or tumble dry.