Urd's Well Grey/Turquoise Remnant 146x174cm


Fabric Width: 150cm

Remnant Length: 174cm

Designer: Sara Berner

Material: 100% Cotton

Pattern Repeat: 64cm

Brand: Arvidssons

A story from Norse Mythology, Urds Well is the Well of Fate. Within the well live three powerful Norns who are female beings that rule the destiny of Gods and men. The Norns draw water from the well and pour over the tree of the world called Yggrasill so that it's branches will not rot. The well also has two swans that have engendered all the swans in the world.
You don't have to be into Old Norse Mythology to enjoy this design. We just thought you would like to know the inspiration.
It is a lovely pattern of abstract pools of water mingled with foliage and of course those magical swans. There's a lot going on pattern wise which makes the fabric interesting but because only a few colours are used it has a calm reserved quality.
Use for curtains, blinds and other furnishings.