Love Triangles

With January finally over and Valentines day a few weeks away I think it might be safe to say it's the month of love, and lately we've been having a little love affair with the humble triangle. 

This versatile geometric shape is what we all need to add a little fresh injection into our homes. Go big with a large print fabric such as Nemo from Spira, shown here in blue, or Brazil Green from Skinny laMInx. Sticking to one colour makes the large print seem less intrusive. Alternatively go with a small print to add into your existing scheme, this Jaffa Natural fabric from Spira, shown here as a cushion cover, is perfect for adding a little lift. 

But if you're not looking to do a big interiors overhaul something as simple as a new blanket, or a new mug to drink your morning coffee out of can be enough to refresh our surroundings, and our minds, to get going on the month ahead. Also it's payday, so why not treat yourself?

1. Skades Langtan Purple - £24.00 per metre
2. Nemo Blue - £34.50 per metre
3. Brazil Green Fronds - £49.99 per metre
4. Stripes Never Wear Out Brown Saucer & Triangles Walk Cup  - Both £14.50 from Northlight Homestore
5. Jazz Red - £24.99 per metre
6. Jaffa Natural - £34.99 per metre
7. Shape Blanket - £112.00 from Northlight Homestore
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Colour Trend: Turmeric/Mustard

Turmeric, mustard, curry, golden yellow, there are various names for this tone of sunshine that has been creeping into our lives lately. It even appeared in Pantone's colour report for Autumn 2017 under the name of; 'Lemon Curry' and 'Golden Olive'. Whatever you want to call it we think it might be here to stay, so here's our favourite picks from our selection of fabrics. We particularly love it when paired with a deep turquoise or teal, as in image 1, or perhaps a Wedgewood colour as seen in image 6 what do you think?


1. Vega Saffron Lambswool Throw from Northlight - £69.00
2. Slanbar Blue Fabric - £39.00 per meter
3. Havstulpan Yellow - £34.99 per meter
4. Line Mustard - £24.95 per meter
5. Tillsammans Gold - £34.99 per meter
6. Pincushion Wedgewood - £49.99 per meter
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Woodland Fabrics

It's hard to ignore nature at this time of year, with the tree's slowly turning various sunset shades, and squirrels busily scurrying around. Why not bring some of this seasonal inspiration into your home with our selection of woodland inspired fabrics. From the colourful Promenaden fabric depicting autumnal trees, to the playful Little Bear fabric depicting a woodland scene perfect for a little one's bedroom. We have fabrics in an array of weights and colour ways to create anything from curtains and cushion covers to placemats and make-up bags. Take a look at our moodboard for inspiration, and shop the whole collection here.

1. Fraken Green - £19.99 per meter

2. Promenaden Red - £37.50 per meter

3. Promenaden Blue - £37.50 per meter

4. Birch Grove White - £24.00 per meter

5. Gomstalle Green - £49.00 per meter

6. Gran Midnight Blue - £25.00 per meter

7. Little Bear Blue - £19.99 per meter

8. Surt Sa Raven - £20.00 per meter

Like any of these or have been creative recently? Share your images with us on Facebook - @SwedishFabricCo or on Instagram - @swedishfabricco. We'd love to see them! 

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New Fabrics From Ulrika Gyllstad

This Autumn we're bringing you some brand new fabrics from the fabulous Scandinavian designer Ulrika Gyllstad. 

With a background in fashion Ulrika has a great eye for colour and pattern which she has transferred into a passion for textiles and patterns. Her collection of leafy prints come in an array of earthy yet bright colour ways, and their medium to heavy weight make them perfect for cushions, curtains and even upholstery. 

Gomstalle (Hideaway), Petrol

Ulrika takes clear inspiration from the world around her and translates this into her leafy patterns and marine motifs. Each fabric is just as versatile in it's appearance as it is it's practical properties, working just as well as a bathroom blind to a cushion on an armchair in a cosy corner of the living room. 


Gomstalle (Hideaway), Green

This inspiration from nature is prevalent in the production of the fabrics as well. Concerned about the bad reputation of the textile and fashion industry, Gyllstad produce their fabrics in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Their organic cotton fabrics are both GOTS and IVN certified and printed in Sweden using a mix of digital and traditional screen printing methods.

We'd love to see what you do with your fabrics, share with us on:
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Fresh Colours for Autumn

Fresh Colours for Autumn

At this time of year it is in our nature to start reflecting on our homes and start nesting down for the winter. As Autumn arrives, so does a wealth of inspiration as green leaves burst into a spread of vibrant hues of orange, yellow and red. We've picked out some of our favourite fabrics to reflect these warm, earthy, inviting colours and matched them with the seasons must have home accessory, a blanket. Perfect for throwing over the back of the sofa, as an extra layer on the bed, or updating a cosy armchair perfect for curling up in, these Klippan blankets are available from Northlight Homestore.

How about highlighting those rusty oranges with a lighter shade of blue? The fresh tones in this Gazelle print really elevate the traditional autumn colours into something more contemporary. The small print means you can pick out colours to use in your smaller accessories, just like this Leaf Lead Grey Klippan blanket, which will tie the scheme together. 

Why not do as the Scandinavians do and change your curtains and cushion covers to suit the season? Trees are the talking point at Autumn as their brightly coloured changing leaves line the roads and beautiful auburn leaves blanket the floor. It's a motif you can't escape so why not make the most of it and use it in your home. Promenaden Red  is a wonderful depiction of autumnal trees with their speckled falling leaves and Haga Turquoise has the perfect array of autumnal colours, with bright specs of pink and blue which will carry you into spring as well. Whereas Jazz Pink/Orange uses the seasonal shades in their funky geometric design.

Pantone's Autumn 2017 colour report contains the expected mix of yellows, reds and browns, but there's a few unexpected shades in there, including Blue-Bell. We love the idea of mixing the typical rich seasonal colours with this pretty light blue. They've been blended perfectly in this Gazelle print and Jazz Blue/Brown from Kinnamark, and to bring it into the room how about this Klippan Samba lambswool blanket in lead grey. If you want a more traditional touch add to your home, why not use this Cirkellblomma Brown with muted nude shades against this Luxury Off White throw from Elvang for a more minimal nod to the season. 


Let us know if you've been inspired! We'd love to see your purchases and projects, share with us on Instagram @swedishfabricco or Facebook @NorthlightHomestore!


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Colour Schemes: Sunshine Yellows

A sure fire way to brighten up any room has got to be a little bit of sunshine yellow. A shade people often shy away from but done right it can look really stunning. 

For a bold look we love the vibrancy of the yellow in this Mitt Zoo fabric (1), an ornate safari pattern that would work wonderfully as curtains or a bedspread, match with neutral greys such as Vilma (2) and creams to let the fabulous combination of colour and pattern do the talking. 
This image from Mairo of their Mademoiselle (3) fabric in yellow, shows how to make yellow work for you. Combine a lemony shade such as this one with white walls and warm it all up with a wooden floor. To accessorise use whites again, and the odd leafy splash of green, such as this fouta (1), for a really fresh feel. This scheme would work great in a kitchen or breakfast area to brighten up on those moody Monday mornings. 
If you're not brave enough for either of those try introducing hints of yellow. This could be through light fittings like this Dynamo lamp (2), or a great fabric such as the Ogras (6) in yellow, a delicate print with a mix of lemon and mustard to add a touch of brightness. Be liberal with patterns and combine with smaller prints such as the Nat (4&5) in natural or mustard, or Waves in grey. Even clashing with other home accessories like this Samba (3) blanket from Klippan. 
Another delicate fabric to use to introduce some yellow is this Blomma (8) from Spira. A  geometric floral pattern with a typically Scandinavian feel, that would look fabulous as curtains or cushions, and is soft enough to add in more yellow accessories or splashes of another colour. 
4. Ceramic White Bird - £7.50
5. 'In The Stream' Saucer - £14.50
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Colour Schemes: Botanic Greens

The beginning of the year and Pantone's announcement of Greenery being the colour of the year seems a long time ago now. But green is still going strong, and we're particularly enjoying the lighter shades or so called 'botanical' greens. These shades go great alongside other textures such as light woods and metallic accents like this Hummingbird Rotary (5).

This Fraken (1) fabric from Klippan is becoming increasingly popular, with it's delicate shades of green and on trend fern pattern. We think it would look lovely as a duvet cover set, and why not drape over this Field Green throw (2) to tie the colours together?

For a more clean and minimal look this selection of plain coloured fabrics from Himla are great for adding simple and calm touches of geenery. Maya Fern (2), Ebba Linden (3) and Maya Lime/White (4) are all pale shades of green reminiscent of a herb garden, they'd look great standing alone or combine together, set them off even more with some cooper accessories such as this Copper Candle Holder (1) from Begnt & Lotta or this Hummingbird Rotary (5).

For something more patterned how about Slottskogen Green (5) from Almedahls? A homely forrest print which would look great as a cushion, why not boldly clash the patterns with this Samba Yellow (4) lambswool cushion over for a really country cottage look? Another great patterned fabric is Woodpile Spruce (5) from Skinny La Minx, a wonderful geometric pattern in a light sage colour. Accessorise with this Herbs & Spices (3) art print and some light wooden furniture for a really Scandinavian feel. 

Let us know if you've been inspired by any of our posts, share with us on Instagram @swedishfabricco!


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Colour Schemes: Coastal Tones

Holidays are a time to chill out, relax and eat as much ice cream as possible, and who doesn't want to bring home a little bit of that carefree coastal lifestyle home with them. Wherever you're going and staying this year can also be a great source of interiors inspiration. In almost all holiday rentals, B&Bs and hotels along our coast there's a fresh and bright interior to match the environment. Easily re-create these schemes with our selection of easy breezy linens, soft cottons and splashes of brights. 

There's a reason why blue and white is a classic colour combination, but this Bird (1) fabric from Fine Little Day brings it bang up to date. A light airy linen/cotton mix perfect for flowing curtains. Ulrika Gyllstad's bold and simple patterns emulate shapes and colours found by the ocean, both Delta (3) and Stenar (6) would look perfect side by side as cushion covers. 

For a single coloured fabric, this Linen (4) from Himla is a beautiful turquoise, highlight it with another patterned fabric in bright colour, such as the CloudBird (5) yellow from Skinny laMinx. This Hello Sunshine (1) print would look perfect on the wall to bring the scheme together! 

A key part of the nautical look is stripes, subtly incorporate this with a fabric such as this Line (7) fabric from Spira, a lightweight cotton which acts as a perfect neutral backdrop to bring in some brighter colours, either in a second fabric such as this Mello (2) or some fun accessories, like this Synchronised Swimmers (5) print or illustrated candle (2). Finish off the look with a fouta such as this one (4) from House of RYM, the perfect summer blanket or throw.

Have you been inspired by this post or your recent summer holiday? Let us know what you think in the comments, and share your images with us on instagram @swedishfabricco.

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Colour Schemes: Whites & Florals

I know, florals for summer, groundbreaking. But there are so many floral prints out there, there's always going to be something to fit into your scheme. Whether you're after that cosy, country home feel, or something a bit more modern...

This image (centre) from Ideal Home shows how to easily incorporate florals with some statement curtains but still keeping a more traditional feel. If you're after a similar look, how about this beautiful Sommardrom,(4)  meaning 'summer dream', fabric? It's lively pattern is full of colour, pick a couple out to match accessories to:
All available from Northlight Homestore

For a country-cottage feel stick to smaller prints and pastel colours. This Floral fabric (2) from Klippan is perfect for this. The pattern is inspired by Scandinavian folklore, but the limited colour palette brings it into the 21st century. Similarly this Botanik (7) fabric has a small print with overlapping motifs, but the bright colours make it more modern and are great for bringing a bit of brightness and fun into a room with cushions or curtains.

Brilliant whites can often look too stiff and stark against a floral pattern, use an off white colour fabric such as Overby White (1) or Klotz Natural (5), to soften the look and make those sofas look even more inviting to curl up in and watch tv. 

If you're looking to create a bold, more modern look stick to larger prints. The Baronessa (6) print from Mairo is full of big overblown roses in almost fluorescent colours to really make a statement. It comes in green, blue or orange and makes for the perfect showstopper, whether you use it for cushions, a blind or to re-upholster a piece of furniture. For a more vintage look, how about these round cushions?

Another fun print is Avkarell (3). Modern, large watercolour blooms with sketchy images over-layed on top, kept more traditional with shades of violet and rose. Great for a scattering of cushions across furniture as the large print will make each cushion look different but there will be continuity throughout the room. Again just pick a couple of your favourite tones to match accessories to and it will tie the room together. 

How about just adding accents of floral with small accessories such as candles or art prints? Even pretty aprons hanging up in a kitchen can add something to a room;

2. Vase Study No 3 - £37.60
3. La Fleur Apron - £10.00



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Colour Schemes: Steel Grey & Orange

Throughout the summer holidays we'll be bringing you a series of blog posts on our favourite colour schemes and how to achieve them. This week we're starting with Steel Grey and Orange...
Grey seems to always be on trend, but to bring it even more up to date why not add a splash of a brighter colour? Millennial pinks and lush greens are a popular choice right now but we particularly love this combination of steel grey with a fruity orange, as illustrated here in this image from Home & Garden. Keep the grey tones for walls and any large pieces of furniture, adding warmth with highlights of orange using cushions and other decorative accessories:
When accessorising, don't be afraid to clash patterns, especially in a scattering of cushions. We love the look of this Rutan Orange (4) fabric from Spira against the delicate florals of Mairo's Ogras Black/White (5). Same goes for Bowls (1) in Graphite, with this Under Solen (6) floral print. Or go for a graphic look with a simple geometric print such as Julia Black (2) or this cushion in Waves Grey (3).  
For accessories we love this blanket from House of RYM, available on Northlight Homestore, it has the perfect mix of greys and orange to bring the scheme together and would look great draped over the arm of the sofa. Easily add more pops of colour with smaller accessories such as these candlesticks (2) or an art print (1). Use touches of black or taupe to soften the boldness of the orange with smaller items such as these mix and match mugs (3).
Like this colour scheme? Let us know in the comments, or share your images with us on instagram @swedishfabricco!
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The Season For Oilcloths

The Season For Oilcloths

We're full into the swing of Summer now, and to celebrate we're offering 20% off all Oilcloth fabrics throughout July!

Blue skies, long warm evenings and fresh produce mean that we're slowly being lured outside, particularly at meal times. A slightly warmer-than-usual evening can result in a spontaneous BBQ and a few extra mouths to feed. 

Creating an outside eating space is all about quick set up (and clear up!) and hardwearing materials, making an oilcloth fabric an essential when setting the table. Unlike the PVC covered fabrics, which often get unpleasantly sticky and can make diners feel like they're about to do finger painting with the little ones, an oilcloth fabric has been coated with an acrylic film. This film prevents stains and spills penetrating the fabric, but still allows the fabric to hang normally. It can be wiped clean and even chucked in the washing machine, so perfect for a table cloth, both inside or out, or even popping under a high chair so all those crumbs can be scooped up and put straight into the bin. There's no need for hemming either, just order and cut the size you need and the acrylic coating will prevent any fraying! 

At The Swedish Fabric Co, we stock a wide variety of oilcloth fabrics, suited to any style or scheme;

For a bright summery look this Cirkelblomma fabric from Kinnamark is perfect. The bold but simple pattern and rainbow colours will bring any space to life:

For a more traditional, scandi-inspired look, how about this Sill fabric from Almedahls? Sill translates to Herring in Swedish and is a popular motif in the country. The sky blue, and chalk white colours combined with the simple pattern is a recipe for calm:

If you're after a more traditional look, Mairo's Viola Blue is a small repeat pattern, that makes any space, large or small, feel cosy. Whether you're in a open country garden or an urban courtyard, bring a homely feel to outdoor, or indoor, summer living:

For the chefs and budding vegetable growers, this Pomodoro oilcloth from Vallila is a colourful vine pattern. Running down the centre of the table it will perfectly complement your home-grown produce, and home-cooked dishes. 

Click here to see our whole collection of oilcloth materials. Throughout July we're offering all shoppers 20% off all Oilcloth fabrics - use code JULY17 at the checkout!

We'd love to see your purchases! Share your photos with us on instagram @swedishfabricco



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5 of our favourite: Summer Cushions

We've picked out our favourite 5 cushions that would brighten up any sofa, and give any room a little lift for summer! Clockwise from top left; 
Let us know which one's your favourite on social media! 
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