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Fabric Width: 150cm

Designer: Sara Berner

Material: 100% Cotton

Pattern Repeat: 64cm

Brand: Arvidssons

The inspiration for this fabric is from old Norse Mythology to do with the creation of the World.

In Norse mythology there are 9 worlds that are divided among three levels that are all held together by the world tree, Ygdrasil. But the nine worlds and Ygdrasil were not there in the beginning.
Originally there was a chasm, bounded on either side by fire and ice. When fire and ice met, they combined to form a giant, named Ymir, and a cow, named Audhumbla who nourished Ymir. She survived by licking the salty ice blocks. From her licking emerged Bur the grandfather of the Aesir. Ymir, father of the frost giants, employed equally unusual procreative techniques. He sweated a male and a female from under his left arm.

Odin, the son of Bur's son Borr, killed Ymir. The blood pouring out of the giant's body killed all the frost giants Ymir had created, except Bergelmir. From Ymir's dead body, Odin created the world. Ymir's blood was the sea; his flesh, the earth; his skull, the sky; his bones, the mountains; his hair, the trees. The new Ymir-based world was Midgard. Ymir's eyebrow was used to fence in the area where mankind would live. Around Midgard was an ocean where a serpent named Jormungand lived. He was big enough to form a ring around Midgard by putting his tail in his mouth.

You don't have to be a fan of Nordic Mythology to use this fabric. We just think it's a great story.
Brilliant to use in a boy's room - all those bones and the serpent might even get him interested in his curtains!
Perfect for curtains, blinds and other soft furnishings.