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Skades Langtan Red

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Fabric Width: 150cm

Designer: Sara Berner

Material: 100% Cotton

Pattern Repeat: 64cm

Brand: Arvidssons

Another design taken from Nordic Mythology.
Skades was a Goddess associated with skiing, winter and the mountains.
Before she was a Goddess her father Pjazi was killed by the Gods. Skades then took weapons of war to the Gods to seek revenge for the death of her father.
When she arrived the Gods wished to atone for her loss and so they agreed she could choose a husband from among themselves. The Gods were so tall Skades had to choose her husband by looking only at their feet. She chose the best looking feet and they belonged to a God named Njörðr. Unfortunately it was a bad choice.
Skades wanted to live in the mountains where she had always lived. Njörðr wanted to live by the sea.
Unfortunately the marriage did not last long but Skades went on to marry another God called Odin who did like the mountains ,and they had lots of children, even though his feet were not so attractive.

This design Skades Langtan translates to Skades longing. Here are the snow covered mountains and even some polar bears that Skades missed so much.

Perfect for all manner of curtains, blinds and other furnishings.